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REGISTER A COURE IN A 4 year university or community college

I am a high school Sophomore and want to know how to take a AP course outside of my school as my school doesn't offer that particular course.

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I am in the exact same boat as you are right now! I desperately wanted to take AP Psychology because it interests me, but my school does not offer the course. If your school offers IB Psychology, you can always take that class and sign up for the AP exam.

Additionally, I chose to self-study the topic and sign up for the exam on my own. I chose to do this because most online AP courses charge ridiculous amounts of money when all it SHOULD take is hard work and dedication. I purchased a Princeton's Review Prep Book, read through it, took thorough notes, and found online videos or articles for the smaller topics I did not fully understand. I also know of a local high school that offers AP Psychology, so I found the teacher's website and used some of their materials to help me further.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, then self-studying with a prep book is the way to go. I take my exam next week! ;)

Good luck!

3 years ago

Most 2 or 4-year colleges do not offer any AP courses because AP courses are a specific brand of classes created by CollegeBoard to replicate the course rigor of a college course where you have to pass different institutional test score thresholds to get college credit or college placement or exemption for taking that course. So if you get a 5 on your AP most colleges may accept that for college credit but say you get 3 (5s) in AP Calc, AP Physics, and AP Bio and apply to MIT, you are out of luck because they do not give AP College Credit for STEM classes since they want everyone to take their own STEM classes. But I believe they let you advance to the harder classes offered. Other schools like the UC schools give you college credit for 3s, 4s, and 5s.

You can take AP courses that will adequately prepare you for the AP exams each may by enrolling in the following.

1.) MOOCs (massive open online course)


2.) JHU Center for Talented Youth


UC Scout Program


3.) Or various online High Schools

Florida Virtual School


APEX Learning


PA AP Homeschoolers


4.) Specific online AP Classes

Chem Advantage (just AP Chem)


Just Google Search AP online courses and you will find more options.

Just be sure you check up on their ratings or feedback from other people that have participated in these programs.

Good Luck

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