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Should I submit an SAT score to test-optional UCs?

I am a current junior and will be graduating 2021. My SAT score is a 1320 and I was going to take the March one until it got canceled. I was also going to take a ACT as I was doing better in practices but it also has been canceled. I have taken 5 AP Classes(and all but 1 honor classes) and have a 4.0 unweighted and 4.93 weighted gpa throughout high school so far. I have a decent amount of extracurriculars as I do varsity sport, run my own club, hold an officer position for two school clubs and one church youth group, and captain for a selective team. My SAT score, for some UCs, is on the higher side but for Cal and UCLA it is lower. Should I consider submitting it as it will go to all or none of the UCs? Thank you!

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I would probably go test-optional unless your top UC choices are Riverside or Santa Cruz. Like you mentioned, your score is on the lower side for Cal and UCLA. It's middling-ish for UCSB, UCSD, UCDavis, and UCIrvine. Therefore, not sending it shouldn’t hurt your application any more than it would help. And since you have a strong profile overall, I'd probably go test-optional. If you do get the chance to take the SAT/ACT again this fall and score better, then it would be worth taking another look at the average scores and reconsider sending it!

You have a really strong profile and if you nail the essays you will have a strong application overall :)

• 2 years ago

I think you should. The UC’s said that an SAT score will only help you and won’t work against you. They have a holistic review of your application anyway and since your grades and extracurriculars are strong, I don’t think submitting an SAT score will hurt you.


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