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Which colleges take weighted GPA?

I was just at a webinar and I noticed that UW only takes an unweighted GPA and mine is not so hot. It's a 3.63. I was calculating my chance of getting into some colleges and I was wondering which colleges in my list take weighted GPA.

Here is my list (of competitive high schools):


U of W

Boston University

Brown University

New York University

Northwestern University

UC Davis


UC San Diego

@Garva year ago

Hey there, I am also looking at applying to a few of the universities you mentioned wit a s imilar gpa, if you don't mind me asking , what universities did you get into?

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2 years ago

Weighted and unweighted GPA doesn't really matter, especially for the schools that you just listed. Most competitive schools encourage all students to apply, with the only "requirement" on their admissions page is to have a "rigorous" high school curriculum, without giving any specific cut-off (This is probably to encourage unique applicants who have low GPAs but have outstanding extracurriculars).

The only exception I could think of is if you're applying to a specific college or program in the University that is highly competitive, which would usually hold more pre-requisites and more specific cut-offs.

TLDR: (un)weighted GPA doesn't really matter, just try your best in raising it. Most schools and programs don't have a specific cut-off but make sure to do research about what major/program you're applying to-MAKE SURE they don't have any additional requirements(and if you're really worried don't worry, there are plenty of people who have gotten into the schools you listed with your GPA).


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