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04/21/2020 at 03:58AM
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What are my chances of Test Optionals

I was wondering what my chances would be if I did a test optional at a non selective school? Would it increase or decrease?


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3 answers

04/21/2020 at 04:13PM

I think it depends on your scores and profile. If your score is a lot higher than the 25th percentile, then you definitely should submit it and it definitely won't hurt your chances. Even though some schools are test-optional, they'd still consider taking in people with decent SAT/ACT first. Then depending on the spots they have available, they would choose from those with not-so-good test scores and those without test scores. So even if you have a good GPA and good ECs, it's still better to submit your scores if they are good for this specific school. But if it's lower than the 25th percentile and you have good ECs and GPA, it'd probably be better to not submit it.

04/22/2020 at 09:46PM

My guess is that schools will become more lenient overall for students who apply test-optional, so if your test score is below the 50th percentile for that school and you don't send your score, you might have a better chance if the rest of your application is strong. If your score is above the 50th percentile and you still don't send it, that actually might decrease your changes. Like @jessied0303 said, if you have a good test score then sending it can probably only help.

04/21/2020 at 02:36PM

If you take the act and score a 27 and the average ACT score of admitted students is 24 submitting would help. If you get a 24 its a tossup. If you score below the average you will probably not want to submit it.


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