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Room for Improvement with Coursework?

As I am building my college/university list, I realize that my coursework seems to always have "room for improvement."

I am in a dual enrollment program in my high school that would allow me to graduate with my high school diploma and associate's degree by the end of my senior year (I am a junior). Overall, I will have taken 30+ community college courses, two AP courses, and 15+ honors courses by the end of it. My current weighted GPA is 4.97.

Is there truly room for improvement for my coursework? If so, what can I do to improve? Why is it that AP classes are so much more important than IB courses according to this engine?

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@Lazar6 months ago

Yes, i also feel that this segment of chancing is making some error as it keeps showing me room for improvement even after taking 4 APs when my school offers none(which I mentioned) and 2 college courses and your high school rigor is very good and i dont think their is a need of improvement

@Melokenzie6 months ago

Maybe you need to reenter the information? After CV updated I had to refill out a few things like the section with class rank.

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6 months ago

Hey, I am also in dual enrollment and a junior! The coursework you have is very impressive so I wonder if you included all of that in your profile. There is a place where you can enter all of that information in your profile and you can also enter how many classes you would have by the end of your senior year. Also, AP credits are easier to transfer than IB which is why it would be more important. Hope this helps!


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