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international kid: schools dont have clubs or ec available

hey yall. I'm an international student applying for us unis this fall. my school is a domestic school in our country.(=it's not an international school) we can only join one club based on our interest and the classes we take. I'm the president of our community service club (this is a sort of official club our school has and doesn't apply to the rule above) and the president of a sociology club.

all the EC I have are self based and research.

😭 will colleges take my realistic situation into account?

btw since our school is completely domestic (tho we have an international department but it is really bad), few ppl choose to study abroad and in the past few years, few students got into t20 (I remember one girl got into cornell) (tho we have many students getting into university of toronto and university of hongkong). so I'm afraid that my chances are super low.

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btw I'm a junior

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8 months ago

I believe that colleges take into account your opportunities while reviewing your application. Hence I don't think it will be a problem, and you're the president of the 2 clubs you're allowed to attend so that's a %100 leadership rate. I think you're good, don't worry too much. Best of luck.


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