5 months ago
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What can I do to improve my essay writing?

I'm having a really hard time writing my essay since it's quite a challenge for me to keep it short and also make it sound good. I'm only allowed to use 250 words. Could someone please tell me how I could improve it?

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@oliviaschram5 months ago

My biggest tip would be to keep reading your work over and over again, and really analyze. I am prone to being more descriptive than needed in my work, and I think that might be your issue too. Look over your essay and see if there are any phrases or sentences that can be shorter. Get to the point and write strongly, do not get bogged down in style or prose as that can make your essay longer than needed.

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5 months ago

Hey! This is a real struggle but do not worry!

The key to good writing is editing and rewriting.

Like @kimberlyascencio-cerna said try submitting your essays on CollegeVine.

Also try reading other essays, essays which have got people into the school.

You could try looking up your college-specific ideas on the CollegeVine blog.

Watching videos on essay tips is also very useful.

Ask your siblings or teachers or parents for help.

Try going through your essay from the perspective of an admissions officer.

Ask yourself what does this line tell the person on the other side? Does it tell them about my nature/qualities? What does it show them?

Hope this helps (:

2 months ago

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5 months ago

I recommend submitting your essay to be peer review on CollegeVine! It is a pretty easy process and you get feedback on your essay. Just mention your prompt, what you want feedback on (which is how to stay within 250 words, and is it good, and etc). I submitted an essay once and I got pretty helpful feedback. Hopefully, this helps!


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