2 years ago
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Tips on how to have a strong application for UCSB CCS.

Am looking for tips from people who have gone through process of application or have mentored those who have applied to CCS on how to craft a strong application.


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2 years ago

My best advice for a school like CCS is to try and cohesively show your interest in the area you're focusing on, as well as experience pursuing it independently beyond just what you're offered in school. CCS has a pretty varied set of majors so I'm not sure what you're aiming for specifically, but it should hold true for all of them that UCSB is looking for students who've demonstrated the ability to be self-motivated and to pursue their interests outside the typical bounds of a high school classroom. That could just be doing something as a hobby, forming a club to give yourself a space to pursue something further, volunteering or working in that field, or something similar. Hope that helps!


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