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I need help with my recommendation letters.

Hi! I am a rising senior and I plan on applying to a lot of schools that require a recommendation letter. I already have a list of a few teachers that I plan on asking to write me a recommendation letter but I'm confused on what to do with it. I'm not sure if my question makes sense but basically, once I ask my teachers for the recommendation letter, where am I supposed to submit it? is there like a designated section for it on the common app, do I give it to my counselors, do the teachers have to submit it to the college, etc... I know that students are not supposed to see their recommendations but I'm scared to ask my teachers for them cause I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with them once I get it.

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5 months ago

I believe in the Common App, there is an ''Invite'' button in the Recommendations section and you have to enter your teachers email into that. They will be notified and they will submit the recommendation letter by themselves since you're not allowed to see your recommendation letter. Some schools may have other ways of recieving rec letters so I'd make sure to check their websites. Hope this helped.


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