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How can I get more scholarships after I have received a 20,500 academic scholarship?

I have a 3.7 GPA. I've received a 20500 USD scholarship from Simmons University and 9000USD from University of Kansas.

How do I get more scholarship as my family's financial condition is not so good?

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6 months ago

It would depend on your unique situation.

If your school gave you that scholarship on the basis of financial need, then it is possible to appeal for more aid. Generally you will be required to submit a letter and proof of any extenuating circumstances.

If you are an international student however, and your school doesn't offer aid international students (only merit), then unfortunately, that might be the only money you will get, unless there is a substantially change in your academics.

What you can do is look for outside/external scholarships. These are money from private organizations that can help to cover your expenses. Some will send the money directly to you and others will send it to your school.


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