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Finals tips?

I know this isn't directly related to college admissions but it is related to high school and grades, which is related to college. What are some of your favorite and best study methods to ace finals? What study tools/tips do you use and find extremely helpful? Also, what are some good websites to find practice test & study guides? Any advice is great thx.

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I'm currently struggling with finals too hahah. I saw a video saying that you should get your notes and then re-write them but when you do so, you should leave a few words in blank. I don't know if that makes sense but here's kind of an example for English:

"Cause and effect: Assuming that the effect is related to a cause because the events occur together."

and then when you re-write it, it would look like this:

"Cause and effect: Assuming that the is related to a because the events occur ."

You would need to do this for all your notes and mentally replace each word until you know it :)

If you are taking APs, some great websites are fiveable and simple studies. Fiveable offers a 5 hour cram session for 5 dollars in which you cram everything you learned on an AP subject in 5 hours, I used it last year and got a 4/5 on my test

Quizlet really helps too

Hope this helps!!


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Here a few quick ones:

For subjects like history or sometimes science where there are several parts to an answer- try making an acronym where the first letter of each concept makes a word/acronym.

STUDY GUIDE- use old tests and quizzes to find the most important info and don’t just cram the entire curriculum in, find the most important bits.

Spend time studying for the soonest exams and also make time for studying for the ones a bit farther out. Start to rotate certain subjects in and out of your studying schedule to get a good rhythm and study schedule.

Lots of sleep helps too and a good studying environment to avoid stress and less retention. Best of luck you got this!


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Just like other people said I love Quizlet!! There are tons of already made Quizlets for different topics but I find it a lot more helpful to make my own Quizlets. Basically I will go through my notes for every unit, create the Quizlet and then practice it which ends up being a triple review of the content. If you have friends or family members who are willing it is also really helpful to use the flash cards mode and have them quiz you so you have to say answers out loud. Also, for AP classes I would recommend looking up the “course and exam description.” This is basically a guide for teachers that clearly outlines what you need to know, and sometimes there are these “exclusionary statements” about what you DONT need to know which is also really helpful haha. For APs, I will use the CED while I’m making Quizlets to add in specific descriptions or terms for the exam. Hope this helped!!

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Thank you for all the tips!


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