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International Scholarships for Juniors

Basically the title. I come from a low-income family and I want to apply to scholarships as early as possible to be able to fund my education by Fall of 2022 (when I'll be a freshman). I've been researching some but I couldn't find any from websites like fastweb etc. How can I find scholarships for international juniors? Are there any websites that you know? Are there any YouTube channels (maybe?) that tackle this situation? What are your tips to finding scholarships as an international student? And by the way, my GPA is a 3.95 so I can apply to merit-based etc. scholarships too. Thanks in advance.


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This site has specific listings for international scholarships:


Also most colleges have specific international scholarships. Just search "International Scholarships" in the college website search bar. Colleges are always the best way to get scholarships, even if that means you have to apply for more of them and they take more work. Scholarships you find online are very competitive.


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