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What classes in high school should i take to become a Pharmacist?

I graduate in 2025 and I am about to be going to 9th grade so i need to know as soon as possible

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do y'all know of any literacy classes i should take to do this

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3 years ago

Good afternoon @CassidyH.To meet prerequisites for advanced study, students must take courses in general and organic chemistry; human anatomy and physiology; molecular and cellular biology; microbiology; statistics; calculus; and English. Some programs may require multiple semesters of these topics.

Make High School Count

Take plenty of math and science classes, including AP® courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and calculus.

Build communication skills in English, drama, and speech classes.

Learn a foreign language so you can communicate with patients in diverse communities.

Volunteer or work at a health clinic, hospital, or community pharmacy.

Explore summer study programs like the University of Massachusetts High School Health Careers Program.

3 years ago

Hello and welcome to CollegeVine!

It's great to think about careers early on in highschool, but keep an open mind. If you think you want to go into a health career, take AP or Honors science and math classes in highschool and maybe do some volunteering at a local hospital or clinic. Tempting as it may be, try not to get super involved in something(EC's etc.) until maybe your junior year in highschool, because if you change your mind on careers later, that sets you up to do a LOT of extra work.

My freshman year in highschool I just KNEW I was going to be a software engineer, so I dedicated all of my time to EC's that helped me in that field. Then, later in my junior year, I decided I wanted to pursue medicine as a career. I had to basically start from scratch since I was so invested in becoming a software engineer. (it's not impossible to switch focuses, it's just annoyingly difficult.)

Try not to stress to much this year as being a freshman is really about acclimating to tougher courses and working on your own more. Develop some study techniques that work for you and make friends with you teachers, they can help you if you aren't getting a concept, and they can write reco letters when you're applying for college!

Good luck this year, you got this!

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