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Junior year GPA

I am wrapping up my junior year with around a 3.8 or a bit higher GPA- the one thing keeping it from 4.0 is chemistry. I have a B- right now but im not sure i can get it up to an a- by the end of the year. I guess my question is how detrimental is this to my college applications? Is senior year GPA important if I am taking 5+ classes next yr(senior year)?

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3 years ago

Hi Annalise,

I don't know if its the same for all colleges but what my school counselor said is that as long as you get good grades for most of your classes you are good. What is recommended is try your best to get as high as you can because when applying to colleges some of them actually look into you junior year instead of your senior year. Since some schools require to start the applications around october (first months of your senior year) there is no need to look to your senior year grades because it's still to early. Colleges do still look at your senior year but thats when school sends the mid year or end or the year reports... So, long story short. Get good grades, study and learn as much as you can and you will have a great chance of getting accepted. Also, yes. GPA is also important. If you are getting good grades you should have a good gpa, so dw about it!. :)

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