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04/21/2020 at 09:42PM

Should we put programs/internships but cancelled due to coronavirus on our college applications?

Some great programs and internships have been canceled due to coronavirus. Can we still use it on our college applications and how would admission officers view those activities?

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04/22/2020 at 05:42PM

Like everyone else here has said, no—you can't put something on your applications that didn't happen, because the entire point of participating in those programs is to gain experiences and knowledge from having pursued them. That's what colleges care about, not just having that name on your resume.

@ONE2304/23/2020 at 01:30AM

Would you recommend placing it somewhere else, like "Additional Information"?

04/23/2020 at 02:31AM

No I honestly wouldn't. At best a college would consider it meaningless since the activity never happened, and like I said the thing that's actually important is *doing* the activity, not being accepted for it. At worst it could definitely come off as pretentious and make it seem like the applicant doesn't have other accomplishments worth highlighting.

04/22/2020 at 04:31PM

I would avoid listing or writing about them because they never happened. Colleges want you to list experiences and ECs to get an idea of what shapes you as a student and person and how that makes you a strong candidate for their school. If it never happened it doesn't matter and like @justchill mentioned it could be construed as extremely pretentious. Remember that everyone is in the same boat and just focus on the activities you can do not the ones that won't happen because colleges care infinitely more about what you do and not what you almost did.

04/22/2020 at 12:13AM

I would NOT recommend doing that-it would be like putting the colleges you got accepted in your job resume and hoping it will look good. Most likely, officers may see you as very pretentious and look at your profile negatively. What I would recommend doing is writing about it somewhere in a college essay, because it could lead to a really awesome essay (but watch out because I can guarantee over millions of students will have the exact same idea). It would benefit you if you don't focus so much about how you got accepted and it getting canceled, I would focus on how it CHANGED you and impacted your life. Officers don't want to read an entire essay that's just about an event in your life, they want to read how an event developed and strengthened your character.

TLDR: It might be seen as braggy, so maybe try writing it for an essay(but make sure it's DIFFERENT and about how YOU changed).

@DebaterMAX04/22/2020 at 05:15PM

unless its a very prestigious one with a grueling application

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