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newspaper club cabinet struggles

So I actually am in cabinet for my school's Newspaper Club (Director of Publicity) and probably would become President by Senior year. However, it is kind of a 'dead club' because there isn't much activity/involvement outside of the monthly general meetings and article issues. Thus, it is not exceptionally meaningful to me so I am not sure whether I should leave cabby next year.


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5 months ago

Hey @oompaloompa,

If it is a low time commitment activity, I would recommend doing it, especially if it correlates with your intended major/spike. In general, having the highest position in a school club is valued.

I was in a similar situation, and this is just my two cents. You should consider all factors and do what you logically perceive to be correct. You are capable of making the right decision and, even if you end up regretting it later, it is not the end of the world. There will be other opportunities. So, just try to approach it objectively while still considering what is important to you.

Hope this helped somehow!

5 months ago

If it's not important to you or enjoyable, then don't do it. Don't do anything just for a college application. They want you to do stuff that you are passionate about.

However, if this really is something you like, then I would encourage you to really take leadership and work harder to grow the Newspaper and make it bigger. I am the leader of my school's Literary Magazine, and in my time there, I have added student art to the editions, hosted school-wide contest for publication, increased the quality of the editions themselves, and even made a YouTube channel where I upload audio narrations of the poetry and short stories we publish. Maye you could try some of those things. I also found that having weekly meetings instead of monthly meetings really increases the activity and passion surrounding it, even if the meetings aren't technically necessary.

Good luck!


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