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Getting into a specific med school

I know this is mainly for undergrad but maybe someone has an idea about this since I'd imagine it's similar.

I've been looking into a specific medical school (UC Irvine) that I'd love to get into mainly because of its specialization program offered (PRIME-LC). According to AAMC the school accepts about 100 per year, with 3,500 secondary applications sent out. And the specialty program itself accepts 12 enrollees.

With that in mind, knowing how competitive medical school applications are and how you're considered lucky if you get into ANY medical schools, should I not get my hopes up on getting into a SPECIFIC medical school because of how low the odds of that seem? Or is this something feasible to aim for?

(I'm not in undergrad yet)


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7 months ago

Take this thought and put it into someone who is trying to get into an Ivy League school. My dream school, Duke University, is a bit of a reach, but it is feasible. Anything in life is feasible, @DJ_Saidez. The only thing that matters is how much YOU want to make it possible. Is UC-Irvine your dream school? If so, are your academics good enough? Again, if so, then the dream is within your reach. My answer is: don't "bottle" your hopes unless it's something you really don't want to achieve. If you don't want to go there that much, then try another school. Based on your description, it sounds like a perfect fit for you, so I believe you should apply.

I hope this sparked some inspiration!

7 months ago

Everything is possible, and you have to remember that these are people reviewing your application, not bots. Buff your resume, take the right classes, search out research/internships during college - all these will increase your chances of admission somewhere. If you get into UCI, great! But you may find that you discover someone you want to research with, or a program elsewhere that will meet your needs/goals more closely as you research/learn/grow.


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