5 months ago
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I hate this app

I used it to convert my GPA but it hasnt helped me at all. F this app. USELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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@lij12075 months ago

What scale of GPA are you in and what are you're marks? I think I can help! Also please edit your post so that CV doesn't lock your question and @CollegeVine please don't lock his question

5 months ago

Hey @23ew4234, sorry to hear you're having trouble converting your GPA and you haven't gotten the help you were expecting. I get how that might be frustrating. If you explain the issues you're having in more detail I'd be more than happy to help you out!

@OFHanson5 months ago

Rough day I suppose. I guess the user just needed to vent : l

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5 months ago

Hello! Try just searching on Google for a GPA converter.


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