2 years ago
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I'm currently a junior in high school and wanted to know my chances at UCs or top 30 schools.

I think I have pretty good ec's and 35 act which is the better part of my application, but gpa wise, coutnting 9, 10, and semester one of junior year, it is 3.65 unweighted with all honors and five ap classes which is not the best especially since second semester at my school is now pass/fail. But my biggest concern about my gpa is that my freshman year grades and sophomore grades are holding it high, because as per a UC gpa, unw is 3.3 which is extremely low as it is only 10+11...do my chances at UC's such as ucsb, uci, ucsd stand low due to a low uc gpa? i'm really concerned!

Thank you in advance! :)

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2 years ago

use the chancing engine...you click on profile... enter in all your academic info... and then enter in the schools you're planning for.

2 years ago

To go isaac try the chancing engine through the profile page. However usally a great act can balance out a low gpa and vice versa as long as youre adequete in other areas I dont see a problem with most of the semi midtier UofC like san diego


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