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β€’ 04/22/2020 at 09:59AM

when should i start applying for colleges if my final exam is in march?

i study in CBSE board

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β€’ 04/22/2020 at 10:04PM

You can start whenever you want! The Common Application usually opens up in August, but you can definitely get a head start on your essays before that. You can also start putting together your resume of activities and asking teachers for recommendation letters in the meantime. Just give yourself enough time between March and October/November (when most early applications are due). If you want more time, you can apply Regular Decision which is in January for a lot of schools. Starting during the early summer months probably makes sense so that you have enough time and aren't stressed :)

β€’ 04/22/2020 at 04:50PM

Make a list of all of the colleges that you want to apply to that offer early admission or early action. Apply to all the school that offer early admission that you can, and choose your favorite school to apply early action for, since this is usually binding. For the rest of the schools, just make sure you apply by the regular decision, which is usually in November or December. For now, you can work on your common app essay, make your college list, and/or complete any extra classes or community service you want to put on your applications.

@pkw90004/22/2020 at 10:00PM

Hey @Sck22000 - you said early action is usually binding, but I think you meant to say Early Decision is binding. Early action is NOT binding, it's just earlier than Regular Decision. Restrictive Early Action is also NOT binding, but means you can only apply to one place early. Early Decision IS binding, as you can only apply to one place and you are committing to going if you get in (unless the finances don't work out)