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Which would be a better Major??

I am currently a junior making college list. But I am torn. I want to go into pre-med, but I am unsure weather that would ultimately be a good decision for my future if I changed my mind. I would love advice from current pre-med students or people planning on going into one of these majors. I know these choices are kind of all over the place but I am so torn for all of these. This choice will just help me make a list of schools I would want to go to and apply.

Pre-Med track
Zoology Major
Psychology Major
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5 months ago

You do not necessarily need to be on the pre-med track to move into a medical field in your graduate and post-graduate studies. Any major can be used for that. Just make sure you take the specific course that are required for pre-med.


5 months ago

Zoology is more niche and may afford you a better chance at admissions into a selective school. Plus, you can usually switch majors at most schools. However, Pre-Med often has a specific program that you need to apply to in many prestigious schools since it is pretty competitive.

So, I would say that you just have to weigh whether you want better chances at getting into a more selective school or a guarantee of Pre-Med.

In terms of careers though, you can make a good living with Pre-Med, even if you're not great. On the other hand, being a very good Psychologist or Zoologist will most likely afford you a similar lifestyle. Again, it's a question of what matters most to you (ease/guarantee or niche/passion).

In the end, trust everything will turn out okay though because you are capable and can handle whatever comes your way and make the necessary adjustments to ultimately find success in life. That's what I do ;)


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