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I'm a HS freshman who wants to create a spike in my application; feedback on my ideas would be appreciated.

I'm very interested in the college admissions process and many people who get into T20 schools all have a passion project, and I want to start mine, especially with all this extra time during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have a few ideas for my passion project listed. They'll all be more like hobbies that I do during my free time, but if you have a suggestion that requires more involvement that would be appreciated as well!

1. Creating a blog, website, etc. about my unique perspective as a freshman in high school preparing for standardized tests and the admissions process in general

I feel like the voice of underclassmen aren't heard enough in this process, and I want to shed some light on how my journey goes while making it a passion project. I plan to update the blog/website regularly throughout all four years of high school. The thing with this is, I don't know whether this relates to my academic/personal interests enough to create a spike and shows admissions officers my personality as a whole. I don't think passion projects relate to college admissions at all, and if they do, might admissions officers fail to see that as a passion project? I honestly have no idea, so feedback would be appreciated on this one.

2. Something related to music

Even though I'm planning on going into the STEM field (liberal arts are also an option depending on how my interests develop throughout high school), music has been a part of my life since the 2nd grade, and I want to reciprocate my passion and interest for music into a tangible passion project, but I don't know where to start. A sophomore in my county created on online music tutoring platform where high schoolers can teach kids how to play their instrument, and is especially helpful during these times. I'm near the top of my section in the highest band at my school, and maybe this project could be an extension of that.

3. A blog/website/podcast (or other) talking about my experiences growing up Asian-American in the US

This topic is something that is part of my identity that I feel like quite a few people would be able to relate to. However, with all of my project ideas, I have no idea how to get my project public and gain a following from it.

4. An Instagram meme page about Science Olympiad (currently working on it) or lettering/calligraphy

One of my many passions is memes. I love to make people laugh :) However, I don't really think this is much of a passion project. Perhaps if I create a website/blog about my experiences with Science Olympiad along with the meme page? Or if I create one about lettering and calligraphy, one of my favorite hobbies that I do to relax. I often decorate birthday cards by hand and it is so much more rewarding than just buying a card! I ran to my friend's house to deliver a card for his birthday (I do long distance track and cross country as well). Maybe I could make a website about designing cards?

Sorry that this description is reaally long but I have so many ideas and I need your input for which ones might work and how I can get my creations out there into the public. Thanks :D

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4 years ago

i think these all sound like great ideas—my best advice is to pick something you see yourself being able to maintain for an extended period of time. if it's something that you could see yourself developing throughout school like a blog, then that's a good pick. or even a group of things—you don't just have to limit yourself to one, and could do maybe smaller versions of each of these things if you have the time for them.

4 years ago

Personally I love #1 but you can expand it to a blog of your life like update once a week and have a paragraph of the top 3 things that week and you could incorporate music into it and you could have a sidebar about your heritage

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