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I am an international student and my school doesn't offer any courses like AP/IB. Will this reduce my chances for admissions at elite colleges? CV does not ask whether my school offers any courses or not, and so my chancing is very less. Will my chances be greater or the same as shown by CV?


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5 months ago

Hey @Haneesha,

CV actually can take into account whether or not your school offers any of these courses. I've attached a linked screenshot below to show you where. Also, your chances should not be impacted by this. In your application, you should also be given an opportunity to explain.

If you are taking some other sort of advanced-level courses, either provided by your school or a local university, they will likely be viewed as the same or better as AP/IB courses because you took initiative despite having low access to these sorts of opportunities.

Hope this helps!

Screenshot Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zYtZExKiTFNYKC-ZujlKPv-JhqkK-C0y/view?usp=sharing

5 months ago

College admission are subjective and they take your circumstances in mind while making the decision. The same applies to AP, if you're school doesn't offer any, schools understand and this will not affect your chance


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