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I heard that early decisions acceptance rate at John hopkins can go up to approx 28%. Is this true?

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@K.hall3 years ago [edited]

Another reason why the early admit rate is so high is that prestigious schools receive more high caliber applicants during the early cycle. The universities understand that applying restrictive early action means that their school is most likely their top choice as well. I don’t believe applying early necessarily makes a big difference in whether you get in or not.

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3 years ago

As a 2021 JHU committed student who crunched the numbers, it did take a hit this year with COVID-19, though less than other peer schools so it maintained its (relatively) high ED rate...

21%- 19% ED I - 600ish kids (the hard commits)

11% ED II - 200ish kids (for most kids its an after your ED/EA school rejects you in Nov fallback)

4.9% RD

I recommend if Cornell remains your first choice as indicated below you apply there EA/ED, and then can use EDII as a fallback for a better chance. Hopkins doesn't weigh in its decisions interviews, finances, and probably not even legacies (might help just a little)... There is minimal sports recruiting too, so that's an upside of the ED process there -you're not going against a ton of the kids with those "advantages/boosts" like those you see at Harvard Duke.

My friend who currently goes there as a sophomore right now recommended ED, so definitely consider it... and make sure Baltimore is the right place for you then because its not for everyone (for me it is lol)! Everything else is groovy.

3 years ago

The 28% figure is inaccurate and dated, so the answer is NO.

Here are the most accurate admissions rates for the JHU class of 2025.

If you applied early this cycle your chances of getting in are 3.2 times the rate of Regular Decision rates.

Early Decision 5170 824 15.9%

Regular Decision 33236 1652 5.0%

Total 38406 2476 6.4%

Since more and more college-bound seniors are recognizing that it's more important to get accepted somewhere good rather than taking a shotgun approach and applying to 20 colleges RD, I anticipate that this spread will continue to narrow. For the next cycle, I can see that applying ED to JHU might be 12-13% and RD being around 4-5% reducing the spread from 10.9% to about 8-9%.

At the hardest schools like MIT, the spread between EA and RD is only 1.4% (4.8% vs 3.4%) and at Harvard, it is 4.8% (7.4% SCREA versus 2.6% RD).

The only exception to this rule is Georgetown which always has a super hard ED cycle. This year they accepted 10.8% ED and 12.1% regular decision. It makes no sense to me.

3 years ago

Yes! Many selective schools like to see the early commitment that comes with early admissions. In addition, students that apply early decision often have better grades and test scores by default. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Johns Hopkins had an early decision acceptance rate that high, as the same pattern can be seen at many other schools.

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