8 months ago
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Changing My Response to "Don't Plan to Apply for Financial Aid" Increased My Chances?! 💸📈

Hey Everyone,

I just changed the financial aid option on my chancing profile from "planning to apply for financial aid" to "not planning to apply for financial aid," and my chances changed dramatically (relatively speaking).

For instance, Yale went from 17-27% to 25-35% and from a reach to hard target. In fact, all my reach schools changed from reach to hard target. Why would this be so? Does applying for financial aid actually hurt my chances? :'(

Is this reflective of an actual change in my chances related to the admissions process or something part of CollegeVine's Algorithm that may not necessarily be reflected in real life?

Please let me know what y'all think. Any insight would be appreciated!

Thank you!


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8 months ago

Not all colleges are need-blind. Unfortunately, colleges are businesses front and foremost. They want your money. However the CV calculator might not be completely accurate either and may just be speaking in general. I would suggest looking at the admissions and financial aid policies on the websites of the colleges you want to apply to. It will tell you if they are need-blind. If it doesn't tell you, then they probably aren't.

8 months ago

For Yale, the algorithm is sadly wrong because they are need-blind and AOs don't even see if you applied for financial aid. I'm sure the algorithm will become more refined as CollegeVine continues to tweak it


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