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Letters of rec from same department?

I'm a rising senior and I'm seeing who to ask for rec letters, but the two teachers I'm closest to are both history teachers (WH and US). Should I ask for both anyway or try to see if I can find from another subject (but not necessarily as personal) as these two? Or could it maybe help my culture-ish spike?

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What about having a letter from a non-academic subject? I've taken photography for three years, and have known my teacher for all of high school. Does that make it worth a letter, more than one from an academics teacher that doesn't know me as well?

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Ive heard it depends on the school, some accept them, some don't. Read up on the schools' policies! If they do, it could help, especially if it has to do with your spike :)

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Yes, definitely try to get one from a STEM subject. I made the mistake of really only focusing on the humanities in my application, because it was what I was good at, and what I was planning on majoring in. I got rejected from the better schools, despite being valedictorian. Colleges are looking for well-rounded individuals with mastery in multiple areas. So try to get closer to some teachers in the STEM department, and really try harder in those classes even if it isn't what you enjoy the most. I've found that even in the classes we dislike the most, if you really give it your all, you will find something interesting in it, something to enjoy. Challenge yourself. Don't just do what is easy.

A lot of colleges will let you add as many recommenders as you want, so it wouldn't hurt to also have your other history teacher give you a recommendation.

I hope this helps! Good luck.

a month ago

It's often beneficial to have letters of recommendation from teachers of different classes, often one within the humanities and one in STEM. Although it's good to display your interests, being well-rounded can help as well. If you have a teacher from another subject who you feel could write a good letter of recommendation for you, I'd recommend asking them. Consider asking your counselor as well.


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