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ib or ap ?

my school offers both, i cant decide.

ib or ap or both ??

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@maxz225 months ago

Both are equal in terms of college credit. IB is more holistic in its exams, while AP is typically more standardized. SL Exams are usually easier or similar to AP's. HL Exams are definitely harder in their content. High-level institutions are looking for you to take the hardest classes you can so definitely consider taking both!

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5 months ago

If you plan to go to college outside the US, focus on IB courses, if you are going to college in the US, focus on AP courses. However, if one offers a course you just like better, take it. I know most colleges in the US still accept IB credit, it's just calculated differently. If you already know what colleges you are aiming for, check their AP/IB policy. You can also ask your high school counselor.

5 months ago

Depends on whether you are balanced or specialized. IB requires a multitude of subjects ranging from humanities to sciences to languages. However, for AP, you can choose any course combinations and there aren't as many limitations.


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