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Dual Enrollment Question

If you took dual enrollment classes, do colleges look at it when applying as a freshman?

I don't have a 3.8+ GPA in my dual enrollment classes, but I do have a 4.0 for high school. Since I have a transcript for the college classes but I don't want the colleges to see and reject me based off that. Would they still request my college transcript?

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I assume you mean applying as a high school senior to enroll as a college freshman. You aren't applying to college as a freshman in high school, right?

Remember that dual enrollment classes are weighted. So a B in a dual enrollment class is worth as much as an A.

College transcripts for dual enrollment classes are not needed by the college you are applying for until you are ready to register for your classes. It is not included in your application.

However, your Dual Enrollment courses and the grades for them are usually also included in your high school transcript if you are taking high school credit for them as well (hence the "dual" part).

So yeah, they might reject you based off of your dual enrollment grades if they are really bad. However, recognize that they know they are harder courses and they will consider that in their decision. Also, admissions will look at your application as a whole and will consider all aspects of it.

I hope this helps!

a month ago

I’m a DC student and most likely yes they will ask for that transcript. I dont think the GPA is going to affect your chances though! If your a high school students who’s taking college classes then they would be impressed (as long as you didnt drop a corse). I think, this is what I’ve been told


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