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I am a pretty good student, but I don’t really do ap classes just honors and I have a strong gpa. I’m not like above and beyond but I’m also not like just the minimum. What are my chances of getting into a school like Carnegie Mellon?(interested in the school specifically). I have a 4.0 wgpa and plan to raise my sat score (on my first try I got 1170🤷🏾‍♀️)


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You don't have an extremely high chance of getting in but don't let that stop you from applying because you still have a chance. Your weighted GPA is 4.0 which could be better. For those schools, you should have a weighted GPA of around 4.2 minimum. Your SAT score it's actually a pretty average score but Ivys don't want average scores. Carnegie Mellon isn't an Ivy League but your chances are still on the lower side.

Carnegie Mellon has a 15% acceptance rate. It is higher than all of the Ivy leagues but it is still a low acceptance rate. Because it is a more selective school you need to have really good extracurriculars. For example, if you have an organization that you're in or that you created you can write that down in your application. Or if you're a state champion at something. Mind you I'm stating such high extracurriculars because you didn't take any AP or IB classes and your weighted GPA is only a 4.0. But your chances of getting accepted are to me, mind you I'm not an expert, at the highest 20%. But I'm doing this estimate with a GPA of around 3.7 because you didn't say your unweighted GPA. And most colleges look at your unweighted GPA more than your weighted GPA.

I'm sorry if you don't like the answer. But I am just giving the best estimate and I'm not lowballing you at all.

3 years ago

Very very low. I am sorry. If you do apply, don't send your SAT score unless it is above a 1500, as that is their average score for incoming freshmen.

Admissions decisions are based on a variety of factors, and GPA is just a part of that. It might depend on what extra curriculars you have, your recommendations, and what courses you have taken (were they across a wide variety of disciplines, did you take higher level math, 4 years of a language, etc.)

If you did get in, it would be very out of the ordinary. But it could happen. I don't want to discourage you from applying if it's your dream school, but make sure to apply to safety schools as well.

I am valedictorian at my school, have taken 7 APs, and I still got rejected from most of the colleges I applied to, and none were Ivy Leagues.

I hope this helps, and good luck!

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