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I need some extracurriculars!!

I am a currently a junior in high school and I am in great need of extracurriculars. I have some clubs already and I've had a job, but I still feel like I need more. I'm not really into student government or things like that. Some stuff to do outside school would be great. Thanks!

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5 months ago

Many colleges value community service as an extracurricular. Some ideas would be volunteering at a local hospital, animal shelter, or food pantry. You can also volunteer to help with events or even become a 1:1 tutor at Gigi's Playhouse, an organization that provides services for children with Down Syndrome. Depending on where you live, there might be a chapter near you- just check online!

A great way to beef up existing clubs is to take leadership positions, which are sought after in college admissions. If your club has a board/council or president, try running for that.

College Vine has tons of livestreams on the extracurriculars topic that might give you some ideas. If you are looking into highly ranked schools, it is recommended that you have a "spike" or some sort of activity/collection of activities that would really stand out from other applicants and make an AO impressed. As a junior without a lot of time left until application season, my advice would be to build upon what you already have or are interested in, especially if you already know your intended major.

Try doing activities that show that you exceed others, are a leader, and are passionate about something. Best of luck!!

5 months ago

1. Consider trying to gear it towards your potential major/goal. Going to do medicine/STEM? Consider trying to get a summer research internship.

2. Tutoring is always good.

3. Community volunteering.

4. Imagine (if possible) that you are an AO. Take a clinical look at your picture and think of things that will fill out any holes in your application. Ask a friend/counselor for suggestions.


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