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How will Covid-19 affect SAT and ACT?

So I'm class of 2022 so I know this isn't as stressful for me as it is for class of 2021, but what will happen if quartaine lasts even longer then we expect. I am from one of the most effected areas of the country. I know that collegeboard cancelled some SAT test dates, but AP tests are still happening online. Is it possible that SAT and ACT tests might be online in the future? I know some schools aren't requiring tests scores because of the current situation, but they still are a big part of a lot of applications.

@its_branley4 years ago

Which schools are not requiring the test scores due to the current situation and what do they plan to use to assess students abilities.

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4 years ago

No one really knows right now, and we likely won't know for sure for quite a while. I know that's not a satisfying answer at the moment, but it's the best I can really give you. A lot of this depends on what happens with quarantine in the next few months, if we can successfully move to a strategy to contain the virus, and on the timeline for a vaccine to be developed. None of which I know much about besides the basic, publicly accessible info.

The likeliest scenario though is that a lot of the schools currently going test optional for the Class of 2021 may remain test optional into the future, and this might accelerate an already growing shift towards test optional policies at a lot of schools all across the board. The tradeoffs with test optional policies are that, if you can do well on the SATs/ACTs, you can still give yourself a significant advantage with a strong score. But if people aren't able to take those tests, they can still get a fairer assessment that will weigh more heavily on their GPA and coursework for an academic evaluation.

I do think online SATs and ACTs are somewhat likely farther into the future, but creating that kind of infrastructure takes a lot of time. It would likely be harder to move the SATs online than AP tests, since SATs are more centralized and since many more students take the SAT than do AP tests. Right now, I would assume that the situation for 2022 will likely be pretty similar to what 2021 is experiencing right now.

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