2 years ago
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Unweighted v Weighted

So because of time due to COVID-19, I'm starting my common app profile early. So far I have taken only 2.5 semesters of AP classes. With it weighted I have a 3.89 not weighted is 3.84. Which would be better to report?

It was 2 ap classes 3 semesters.

I have not taken any AP tests yet I will take one in May.

The .5 I transferred out of due to I having to transfer schools for half a year at Thanksgiving and finishing freshman year at the other school which didn't have that ap class so I took a generic equivalent


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2 years ago

It honestly doesn't matter, because each college will calculate your GPA with their own system. But I would put the weighted just because it's higher. But the admissions officers are going to look more at the rigor of the classes you took and the grades you got in them, rather than your actual GPA.


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