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I am 14 and wondering about my college options. Can you help me with some tips to getting into good colleges?

I would like to go to an ivy league school. My GPA right now is 3.89. I am involved in volleyball, job, student government, debate team, and community service. I come from a low income family making under 60,000 so will surely be applying for financial aid.I am looking for a good business school that is a decent price. I live in Texas so it would be nice to stay in Texas for college. Can you give me some feedback on what I should do before applying (involvement, internships, etc). Also some college options and ways to get into ivy leagues?

Possible internships for BA (in high school)

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As a low-income, high achieving, (perhaps also 1st gen college-bound student), there are many resources and organizations to help you get into a better college than settling for one in your home state.

I would first enlist with an HS mentoring program that matches you to a counselor who will help you navigate through the college admissions process and give you sanguine recommendations to bolters your strengths and close your gaps or weaknesses. Many of these are available from 9th grade upwards.

The college match programs are things you have to get involved in during your junior year to qualify.

Full Scholarship matching programs:



HS Mentoring programs:




Just for clarification, the Ivy league are only 8 colleges in the NorthEast and only 2 schools Cornell and UPenn have undergraduate business schools, Cornell's Dyson, and UPenn's Wharton. Most Wall Street-bound, or big 4 consultant bound business students opt for an MBA from schools like NYU, Columbia, Yale, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Northwestern, UChicago after they get a liberal arts degree from a top school. But you can discuss your major in more depth with a college counselor.

If you want to stay in Texas, the best university is Rice and I'm not sure if they have an undergraduate business school or not.

Since you are 14, you have plenty of time to make the right connections and use this forum properly. Try to ask (1) question at a time. Also, you can google search on previous CollegeVine blog posts that deal with getting into Ivy League. That is a very common question that is not easy for anyone to answer in a simple response. Keep in mind that most of the acceptance rates have dropped 50% and are not between 3.4%-8.6% with an average of about 5.5% And they may continue to drop by the time you apply in a few years.




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