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How can I acquire scholarship program?

I'm an athlete in Kenya and currently waving my nets to get a university or any institution that may assist out to spearhead my career

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3 years ago

Welcome! The first and most important thing to up your chances is to apply to scholarships that are for a specific demographic, like for example I would have greater chances applying to scholarships only for the Latino students. This is because it narrows down the applicant pool to only your peers.

some types of scholarships include:

First generation scholarships

Full ride scholarships (although these require you to be A+ in everything and most of the ones I've seen are only for juniors.)

Merit scholarships

Race specific scholarships

Major specific scholarships

teen parent scholarships

Athletic scholarships

Basically there are tons of key words you could use to search for more specific scholarships outside of ones held by the school you want to attend.

Another thing you could look for is grants, these are usually given on a need basis rather than a specific quality.

My only other note is to make sure you only apply to legit scholarships, if the website asks for money that is a big no, also if you just aren't sure and it gives you a weird feeling it is better to ask for another opinion.

Good Luck!

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