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When to start interviews?

A Wake Forest promotional flyer came in the mail, stating that their online interviews begin May 1. How common is it for schools to begin this early? When should I start interviewing? Does interviewing early "demonstrate interest"?

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There are a couple of different kinds of interviews—mainly admissions officer interviews and alumni interviews. These sound like the former, and it's pretty normal for admissions officer interviews to happen in the summer before the applications season starts. These types of interviews are typically meant to be more informational in nature, tend to be pretty regimented, and do serve the purpose of demonstrating interest in the school. Typically these would happen when students visit, so I'm not surprised that they're doing them online at this point in the calendar.

Now if these were alumni interviews, which I'm assuming they're not, that would be different. Alumni interviews are part of the application process and serve as another piece of the puzzle so to speak for schools deciding on who to admit. Those typically happen after applications are submitted.

• 2 years ago

It is important to show interest but I am kinda doing that by talking over zoom in a Q&A format with some 1 on 1s.

If as Im presuming the interviews are for admission after you applied they are doing it becuase of time. In regards to how common I have no clue as my interested schools dont do interviews. Id recommend to interview whenever you have time but quicker might lead to better results escepially is WF does rolling admission.

Hope this helps!


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