5 months ago
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how do you apply test optional if the college board automatically sends scores?

I read that if you don't have the recipient list filled out about 2 weeks after the test date you will need to pay extra to have them sent to schools. How would this affect applying test optional? Would the college just ignore them if I choose to apply test optional after taking it and the school then consequently receiving them? Also I've never heard a clear answer on if it would negatively affect you applying test optional after taking it.


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5 months ago

Yes, they will ignore them and it will not affect your chances at all. They have very strict policies on this.

I applied to a prestigious full-ride scholarship program at a very well-respected university that normally had a requirement of a 1500+ SAT score to even apply. However, you were still allowed to apply to the scholarship if you just decided to go test optional. So that's what I did. My SAT score was no where even near that, yet I still got accepted to the program, won a small scholarship, made it to the final round after many eliminations, and was finally listed as an alternate for the full-ride scholarship. So I can say with confidence they ignored my SAT score.

I hope this helps!


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