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SAT tips to improve your strategy

Yes, I know practice is important and it takes time, we've all heard that. But does anyone want to share other SAT tips that have helped them out? Like how to be a good guesser? Seriously, don't be scared to share things that aren't typical or wouldn't be taught at school, we want to hear those techniques. I'm looking for different ways to approach it, time management, process of elimination, perspective changers, etc. Anything you feel like sharing, share it!

Some Tips I've Found:


-Plug in the answer choices! If you don't know how to solve a problem, just input all the different possible answers (it has to be one of the four), and whichever works is correct.

-Test out algebraic expressions by replacing variables with simple numbers like 2 or 3 and then solving--this can also help eliminate possible answer choices.

-Before you attempt to answer the question, see if there are any answer choices you can eliminate right off the bat based solely on logical reasoning


-On two-part questions where it asks for an answer and then gives options for "Which supports your answer best" read them backwards/at the same time. Since they have to align with each other, if one doesn't have supporting evidence you can eliminate it.

-Pay attention to modifiers in questions/answers bc they could skew the meaning one way or another and eliminate one seemingly right answer

-Wait to answer questions about the main idea until after you answer all the other questions-it makes you more familiar with it.


-Just know whatever sounds awkward is probably wrong. Go with you're gut for writing questions.

- Usually the shortest version of a sentence is correct--they're looking to eliminate redundancies.

- Look for clues in the topic sentence for questions about the main idea/purpose--this goes for Reading, too.

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One tip that I have utilized to help me in my SAT prep is to familiarize yourself with each type of question asked. The SAT often asks similar questions with different words or layouts. This means that one way to help you improve your score is to find types of questions commonly asked and write out a step by step method to find the answer. If you can identify the type of question you are being asked you should be able to tie it back to your practice and solve the problem accurately and quickly.

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I've also noticed this, and it applies to all three sections! I'd definitely look to Khan Academy to get used to possible question structures bc they have them already divided into subcategories with practice questions available.


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Okay, one last thing, I just found this website and it's really great! There are a ton of tips that could make the difference between a decent score and an amazing one. https://blog.prepscholar.com/how-to-get-800-on-sat-reading-10-strategies-by-a-perfect-scorer


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