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I'm a sophomore and currently have a 3.5 UW GPA, and a 3.571 W GPA. I'm in all honors and I've taken 2 AP's and will be taking all IB's next year. What is the best way to increase my GPA? I want to get at least a 3.8


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First of all, I wanted to recognize that you’re working very hard and you’re doing great as a sophomore. Depending on whether you want to want to increase your weighted GPA or both unweighted and weighted, goals might differ. APs and IBs add one point onto your grade and honors add half a point on the weighted gpa scale, so as long as you aim for As and get a few Bs your weighted gpa will go up. In the case you want both to go up, try to aim for mainly As. Note though that is is totally is ok to have lower letter grades if you’re working hard in your classes and trying your best. Also, is good to pace yourself because you don’t want to get burnt out. Good luck with your classes.

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I know you don't want to hear this, but I think you should probably take easier classes. An A in a regular class is worth more for GPA than the grades it looks like you've been getting on your APs and Honors.

I hope this helps, and good luck!


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