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How to say I write?

I am an avid fanfiction writer and Im looking into putting it on my application as it shows commitment and writing skills but Ive heard its heavily stigmatized so should I not include focus on original work or word it fancily.

like I installed a lighbulb becomes

I successfully on time and underbudget installed an illumination system in my bedroom.


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If it's a big part of your life then definitely include it! You can use your supplemental essays to write about it or even use your common application essay. For the common app you can use prompt #1 (Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.). Or you can just add it in your extracurriculars section. And you can just put "Story writer" on the common app and then further explain it in the following sections.

• 2 years ago

I'm not sure who's giving you that advice, but my sense is that they may be drawing on experiences from several years ago, and it strikes me as outdated. Many college admissions officers are recent graduates, and I doubt people currently in their 20s who grew up at the height of forums like Tumblr would be particularly turned off by hearing that you're an avid fanfiction writer. Unless your writing has aspects that would otherwise not be appropriate for a college application—in which case, it's not the fanfiction part of it that would be an issue.

What you may need to do is figure out how to word and explain what you do in a way that makes sense to someone who's not entirely familiar—and, to be clear, that does not mean phrasing it in an excessively wordy and verbose way. The example you gave is basically the opposite of how you want to write on college applications, which admissions officers have limited time to read. Giving one of them something excessively wordy and complex would be way worse for your overall chances than saying you write fanfic.

In any case, you have a couple of choices on where to include it in your application. If you include it in the activities list, you could just say "Fiction writing" (would be immediately clear to even anyone unfamiliar with fanfic) and mention in your description what kinds of things you work on. If you decide to write about it in an essay—which you absolutely can, if it's your biggest hobby or connects to any of your future goals—I'd try to focus on the effort and commitment you've put into it and what you've learned about yourself from the process.


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