5 months ago
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Am I a Legacy?

So my mom went to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Let's just say I go to the University of Michigan Dearborn would I still be considered a legacy student?

@Paula5 months ago

Stop it, you don't have to listen to someone else's opinion. Old or not old. You need to go to the university where you will be comfortable and fun

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Tatijana_Shockling5 months ago

Oh, don't worry I want to go to umich. :)

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2 answers

5 months ago

It really doesn't matter since the University of Michigan doesn't factor legacy status in its admissions. I read that it is used rather as an indicator of applicant interest since legacies have a higher positive correlation of attending the school once accepted.

5 months ago

If they are just different locations of the same university, then yes. If they are in fact different universities, then no. But this sounds like a great question for the admissions office of the university.


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