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I am currently a freshman in high school. I am really interested in going to a good college and I want to major in engineering. Probably mechanical engineering but I am also interested in robotics. My gpa this year is 4.88, but I’m only taking 3 honors level classes. My top college is brown but I am not too invested. What honors and or AP level classes should I take next year and the years to follow?

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Since you want to major in engineering at a top school I would recommend these AP classes:

AP Computer Science

AP Statistics

AP Calculus

AP Physics

For honors classes (classes you should still take without being AP):

Math as high as you can (up to calculus or even past it)

3-4 years of science

2-3 years of social studies

3-4 years of foreign language

4 years of English

For your electives, take any extra comp sci or robotics classes the your school offers, or just classes you're interested in (art, dance,etc.)

For next year specifically this is what I would recommend for the most rigorous schedule:

Whatever your next level of math is(probably honors algebra or precalculus)

Honors Chemistry or AP Chemistry

Honors English 2

An AP or honors social studies(World history/Euro/Psychology)

The second level of your foreign language (take honors if you can)

A computer science class (take honors if you can)

AP Statistics or an elective (if taking 2 maths at the same time will be too hard for you, take another class)


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