3 years ago
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i am in 9th grade and i don't know what school to go to

I am in my freshmen year and I have no idea what school I am going to. I have a very blended family and everyone is telling me to go to a college closer to home but I just want to explore and not be so sheltered all the time.

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@Minni_E3 years ago

Despite what everyone tells you, you don't have to have your life all planned out, you will figure it out. You should go for what you are interested in, or something that makes you feel strongly about it. On your family, you should venture out if you want, but if you end up staying close to home, that's fine too, you can go off when you're ready. Hope this helped a little and wasn't too vague.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@curlyheadgirl673 years ago

no this was very helpful I am still learning to balance my life with school and figuring out what I am going to do after college

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3 years ago

In your 9th grade year, you absolutely don't need to know what college you are going to 4 years from now. You still have a lot to learn, both in school, and about life. Likely, your aspirations and goals in life will change from now and when you are actually applying to colleges.

I have a friend who when she was a freshman, her parents took her to tour a bunch of colleges and it was kinda a big deal and everything. So when it was time, she applied to this whole long list of colleges, and then she realized that what she wanted out of her college experience had really changed since her freshman year and she didn't even seriously consider any of those colleges, and went to a completely different one.

Don't let your parents decide your future for you. Do what is important to you. Be free.

That being said, right now you are probably feeling really rebellious and whatever, but when you are older you might find that you don't want to leave your parents forever and want to be closer to them at home.

3 years ago

As a freshman, you don't have it all figured out. When I was a Freshman I wanted to go to Harvard and despite me keeping a 3.95 gpa I don't want to go there anymore. Focus more on the money, apply for scholarships do anything that won't get you into debt. Look at a college's programs and not just at prestige. Take dual enrollment instead of AP you get the best of both worlds.

3 years ago

Welcome! It is really early for you so don't sweat about it. I'm a junior and my top choice changed twice. I would recommend another site called college confidential. It has filters so you can eliminate a lot of schools easily by the basics like location and interested major. It's totally fine if what you want in a school changes over time as what you want/like does, don't feel like you have to pick something and stick to it for life.

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