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How can I raise my extracurriculars, when my school doesn't have many

Basically, im trying to raise my extracurricular activities to get into a good university, but my school doesn't really have any. What should I do ?

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6 months ago

You can create your own. I started a Literary Magazine at my school because we didn't have one. It will show leadership qualities to your college. Not gonna lie though, it will be hard.

You can look around your community. Try going to the community center bulletin board, or searching your town name with "clubs" or something online.

You can travel to another town to be involved in something over the summers. There are lots of great community service summer programs, as well as college preparatory programs, workshops, etc.

You can do research opportunities online. This is not something I know a lot about, but I heard another user mention it. Basically, you just email faculty at different universities who are doing research you are interested in, send them you resume, and ask if you can help them.

Good luck!

6 months ago

create your own club or try to start another type of sport that your school lacks. Your services outside of school are also something that colleges look at so I recommend getting into those activities as well.


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