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Do community college courses boost up gpa ?

Are the community college courses weighted like AP courses?

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I'm not saying that the community college courses will be added to the high school transcript, but I heard that when colleges calculate GPA, they take into account AP classes and make it weighted. So when they are calculating this GPA do they consider community college courses as a regular course or an AP course(4 or 5 points).

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5 months ago

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Honestly I don't know, I'm assuming not since they would be separate from your HS GPA/transcript. I will say it would still help you as the material is harder so it shows rigor within itself.

5 months ago

It depends completely on your high school to see if they can count it as dual enrollment and include it on your high school transcript. You need to arrange this with your counselor. Regardless, you will be able to report it on your college application and they will see that you have been challenging yourself.


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