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Any Tips For Incoming Sophomores?

As the summer is quickly approaching and the new school year is right around the corner, I was wondering if any current sophomores, juniors, or seniors have any recommendations for incoming sophomore students.

These could be relating to...

- AP classes

- Letters of recommendation

- How to find good extracurriculars

- SAT/ACT prep

- Social life

- Really anything would be useful :D

Any tips anyone has would be fantastic. Thank you!

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5 months ago

I really wish I knew more about the whole college process when I was in your position. My biggest piece of advice is to do your research on what colleges want to see and then put it into action. Time runs out fast before you know it!

For one, I knew grades and GPA were important, but I never realized they were important in the sense that colleges use them to compare you to the rest of your high school class to see where you fall. Sophomore year is a great and actually important year to boost your GPA as much as possible- that's why if you have a B in a class, you should be putting more effort into finding any way to possibly make it an A rather than accepting it (which in some cases, you'll have to, but I wish I put more into my B classes).

If you're in a sport (if not-join one they're great!) put in the work over the summer to get better because if you actually get good, that could be a plus on your college apps.

The summer is a great time to develop your extracurriculars. Colleges like to see long-term involvement and dedication, so the earlier the better with participating in something. Since school is out over the summer, you can still do things like creating a fundraiser, doing research, starting a blog/YouTube channel, making an app/website, starting a club, shadowing someone in a career of interest, and doing volunteer work. If you join a club or group this year, try to get a leadership position such as board member or president if there is one. This really elevates your extracurriculars and shows leadership. No pressure but the earlier/younger the better.

Keep your mind open to any sort of career paths or jobs you come across, and think about what really interests you and makes you excited to do it- you're not going to know exactly what you want to do, even some college students don't! But just keeping that thought open in your head now can be helpful later.

I would highly recommend waiting to study at all for the SAT until junior year or the summer going into junior year- honestly I wish I did my SATs this way and studied over the summer and took the August SAT so that even if you don't do well, you still have a lot more time during the rest of the year to retest. If you will finish Algebra 2 before you take the SAT, that would be really helpful.

I always wish I just spent more time with friends and had fun as an underclassman. Soak it all up and enjoy your summer!

Hope this was helpful and best of luck!!

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This was super helpful. Thank you!


5 months ago

Junior soon to be senior here, yikes I feel old.

AP classes take them if you can and think you can do well, if your not sure start with Honors if it's offered.

Rec letters, for these you will need to ask you senior or junior year teachers. It is recommended you ask your junior year teachers as they will have more time to know you better. As a whole I would try my best to form close relationships with your teachers going forward, that way they will know you well enough to write you great letters.

I would expand on a passion and try turning it into a leadership position. Take me for example, I love crafting so if I wasn't such an introvert I could start a craft club or join one and try to work up to a leadership position.

I can't help you there as it still hasn't really been decided if after covid they will keep them or completely terminate them. I would still do some test prep as I feel knowing how to calmly take them is a good skill to have and it would make you review material.

Social life, don't have one since I originally went to an online school pre-covid. Lol, don't go to online school and join clubs? you could try to find local ones if none of the ones your school offers interest you.


5 months ago

Hi! So, I am in dual enrollment and my school does not offer AP classes but from what I know, try to take AP classes in your sophomore year. I would also recommend taking dual enrollment classes at a local community college, you get college credits that would be transferable. With letters of recommendation, try to make connections with your teachers so they can write good letter of recommendation for the summer after junior year. To find good extracurriculars, find activities you like or would to explore. Whether it is through a school club or in the community. But also, try to find activities that are unique and outside of box that would demonstrate the skills you have. For example, if you are into coding, starts a coding club, build an app, starts a workshop, and etc! With SAT/ACT prep, I think you have to be a junior to take these but I might be wrong. However, I recommend Khan Academy/CollegeBoard for SAT prep and for ACT prep, ACT.org have great practice tests you can try. There are SAT/ACT programs out there that you have to pay for, currently right now I am in a ACT program and it is great. You don't have to look into these programs but if you do, you should totally check them out if you are interested in paying. I can not help you with social life because ever since the pandemic, I been more of an introvert and have social anxiety (loll). :) Overall, don't stress out too much, try to stay on top of school, develop good study habits, and have fun with your extracurricular activities. Also, I would like to mention that there are ways you can volunteer online and a website I recommend is called VolunteerMatch! I hope this helps! Best of luck to you! :))


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