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Do colleges look at your weighted or unweighted GPA? Which one matters more?

I have a 3.5 GPA unweighted and a 3.8 GPA weighted. I am kind of struggling in math and that is what is bringing down my average. I am currently a sophomore. Will my GPA being weighted or unweighted matter more in the eyes of admissions officers? Thank youuuuuuuuuu

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5 months ago

Colleges look at both however the unweighted one is the most important because it allows admissions officers to compare your base grades with other applicants from your school or school district. It's also a way for them to compare apples to apples on a 4.0 scale since they all use that. (Keep in mind that many schools, especially privates have different grading scales some are 1-6 and others are 1-11).

The weighted GPA allows college admissions officers to assess your course rigor and see the relationship between your base grades versus weighted grades if you took any APs, IBs, or honors classes. I think some schools might give weighted grades for some dual-enrollment community college courses say Calculus or Physics as well.

So since you have a spread of 0.30 between UWGPA and WGPA, AOs know that you took a few APs or honors and did well in them and that bumped up your stats. If you had a 3.50/3.55, then you didn't challenge yourself with APs, or conversely, if you had a 3.9/4.4 then you are an A student and that also got As in the hardest classes.

I hope that helps you understand how UWGPA and WGPA work hand in hand in the context of review your performance and course rigor.

5 months ago

Hello, they would look at the unweighted more than the weighted. You can bring up your average by retaking the class if you can, and by taking AP/IB classes that will raise your GPA if you do well in them. Keep in mind that GPA is one factor that colleges looks for, while I recommend to continue to try your best on your studies, I also recommend building up your extracurriculars in order for you to stand out. I hope this helps!!


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