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What exams are needed to get into a pre med school in USA from India?

I have graduated from high school in the year 2020 in science stream with a percentage of 85. I have given NEET in the same year.But I want to pursue my medical study from the US. In this circumstance I would like to know what SAT exams should I take that make it possible for me to get into my preferable school.

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In the US, there are 2 paths to becoming a medical doctor. You can apply to Medical school after you've earned a 4-year degree (pre-med undergraduate focus is not necessary as many apply to Medical school with non-STEM degrees) or you can apply to BS/MD dual degree program which is either a 7 or 8-year program where you start your premed education soon after you matriculate and perhaps save a year of education.

Since you have mentioned your 85% percentile score, I'm really not sure that would be good enough to enter a BS/MD program where the admit rates can be as low as 2%; or harder than the Ivy League.

Therefore, you probably just want to get into the best possible US college you can.

Although most colleges are test-optional (not required) and a few being test blind (won't look at test scores) like UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, etc it has been well established that having a good test score to submit will improve your chances of acceptance.

All colleges are agnostic to whether you submit an SAT score or an ACT score. There is no preference. Therefore you should determine which test you are better at taking by taking a practice test on both. Either test only comes in a 1 singular format, there are no SATs for premed vs engineering vs humanities. They are not specialized tests. What they are standardized tests and test your test-taking ability primarily on English (reading and writing), Math ( from Algebra, Geometry to ltd. pre-Calc) and in the case of the ACT some limited Science concepts from being able to read an excerpt or passage and answering multiple-choice questions that test your comprehension skills and your ability to read and interpret graphs, charts, tables and performs some basic formulae or calculations.

What I read and hear is that most East Asian test-takers find the Math or Science portion much easier than the Reading and Writing sections. Therefore, after you take your practice test, and figure out what your deficits areas are, make sure you get the very best test prep books to help you close those gaps.

Feel free to post on here again once you know what test you will be preparing for and what sorts of books or materials you are looking for to assist you with test preparation okay?

Good Luck

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