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about mit as an international student

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i am an international student currently in 11 grade i want to apply to MIT this year . I want to ask that why MIT have very low admission rate for international students and what are the common mistakes they make while applying and how can a international student show himself different from other international students? Are there any perks for international students which they are generally not aware of?

MIT emphases more on awards or extracurriculars?


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Honestly most American colleges have lower acceptance rates for international students just because the higher ranked ones get such a large number of international applications. I know it kind of isn't great but that's just how it is.

MIT absolutely places a lot of emphasis on awards and extracurriculars, and they are a great way to distinguish yourself from other international students.

I hate to say it but when you're applying to a school that gets so many applications, no matter how perfect your application is it will always be somewhat up to chance. There's no way to guarantee it. The best thing you can do it to get good grades, take hard classes, do extracurriculars, and show MIT that you are a person that has taken action in your community and intends to change the world.

Good luck!