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Where can I find a mentor when it comes to extracurricular advice?

GPA: 3.7

Where can I find a mentor when it comes to extracurricular advice, being an undergraduate of 2020-2021 provided that I didn't know the admission deadlines are in October annually at the onset of one's senior year through the Common app. Moreover, I desire to be part of University of Southern California or anywhere where art & computer science can be combined, as an international student who is dire needs highly affordable tuition & housing fees & generous financial aid, thus a private university, do I need to bend over backwards to be admitted, or to get multiple scholarships to cover all the expenses except for minorities that I would gladly work at the university for? Why isn't there CSS in some colleges like USC? Why is need-based financial aid for permanent citizens only? I'm a bit disoriented & afraid I might go bankrupt, where exactly do I start & how long is it going to take me to get there & be a high achieving candidate? (I won't be a transfer student, I'll start over in the US, knowing that New Cairo, Egypt is where I currently live, being the daughter of the Christian Armenian survivors of the Armenian genocide.)

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I have very little understanding of your situation, so I'm not much help. You will need an academic advisor. If you can pay for one in Egypt, no doubt they are expensive, I would suggest meeting one there after meeting one at the link below:


crimson education helps students from around the world to get into top universities. At this link, you can set up a free online meeting with a college/academic advisor.

hope this will help!


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