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How can I create a "spike" in my application?

I am a sophomore, and I initially thought I will go into medicine. My parents really wanted me to go into this field so I volunteered at a hospital, became a founder of HOSA at my school, and went to a medicine summer program. After talking to a lot of people and spending a lot of time in exploring this field, I have decided that it is not what I want to pursue in the future (this did not sit well with my parents haha).

But over this year, I have become more interested in public service, government, and law. I joined mock trial and was planning to go to a law institute over the summer (but it got canceled). I am kinda worried though since colleges love to see a pursued interest in a topic, and I am completely switching up what I want.

I was wondering, since I am new to this field, how could I create a "spike" in my application for college (what are some extracurriculars, internships, etc) and what are some things I can do to learn more about government?


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4 years ago

Hi! I am so glad that you have finally found what you really want to pursue over spending time on something that you aren't as passionate about! As a Sophomore, the pressure is on to build that spike, but most colleges won't be upset if they see that you changed your interests. After all, many people apply to colleges with an intended major that they end up changing. You did do a lot of great work pursuing a future career in medicine, and if/when you interview at schools, you can explain that you tried out different activities related to medicine, but found out it wasn't something you're really interested in.

Now to your question about building a spike in your application. You definitely have enough time to do that! To demonstrate your interest/desire for leadership you might want to consider joining debate and/or student government/council, in addition to mock trial. Definitely try to keep in contact with that law institute, it will come in handy after COVID! On a side note, I'm interested in a medical internship, how did you get the internship, like what were the steps? There is also a Youth In Government program in my state, you might want to look into that!

Good luck with everything!

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